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Digimarketing Bub is a full-service marketing and advertising agency with offices all over the world. We can assist you with full digital production, advertising and digital advertising, social media marketing (SMM), design and branding, and event planning.

We are a diversified group of dedicated individuals dedicated to understanding your company goals and transforming your product into a memorable brand.

We are committed to establishing a pleasant, energetic work environment and to being a team that our clients like working with. We expand our company to help you expand yours.

Website Themes

Choose from a variety of stunning free templates. There are hundreds of templates available for businesses just like yours.

Web Plugins

Choose from e-commerce plugins, mobile app templates, PHP, Bootstrap & more for any budget, built by the world’s best developers.

Lead Generation

Prioritize and convert revenue-generating leads into happy, engaged customers with improved sales funnel and pipeline visibility at every stage.

Social Sharing

When a piece of material is frequently shared on social media sites, it is considered beneficial and effective. Use our sharing tools to boost your posts.

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Our Story

We Got Started Because We Want to Make the Web A Better Place

An idea that came to me in a flash. That was all it took in 2013 to spark the idea for a new sort of digital agency—one dedicated to providing insightful methods and expanding one’s online imagination in order to inspire and urge others to take action. We’re Digital Splace, and we’re revolutionaries on the internet.

“Did everyone make it? As a result, we can. Is it true that nobody did? We’ll be the first, then.”

We’re more than just a marketing firm… We are a family that meets one another’s wishes and needs, and our clients are the most important members of our extended family, thus we make ourselves happy by pleasing and meeting their expectations. Marketing, as they say, never stops, and neither do we. Vararak has no bounds; we strive for perfection by ensuring the long-term growth, accessibility, and visibility of your firm.


Meet The Team

John Doe

Co-Founder & CEO

Digital Splace was founded by myself. John’s quest and drive to help businesses flourish is his life’s work. He is renowned as a catalyst, with over 30 years of strategic business management and leadership expertise. He knows the obstacles that CEOs and Marketing Directors confront in implementing inbound digital marketing and sales strategies that produce results. It’s no surprise that he feeds his thirst for lifelong learning with a good book and a latte!

Emily Bloom

Co-Founder & Lead Developer

Emily has a strong entrepreneurial attitude, having worked for a variety of marketing agencies and for a variety of clients. She enjoys fixing problems and treats her clients’ companies as if they were her own. Those she works with benefit from her sincerity, innate curiosity, and great communication abilities. Emily spends her free time with friends, watching baseball and basketball games, serving at church, and working in her mother’s garden.

Jason Smith


Jason’s ten years of web design experience allows him to create beautiful websites that provide a smooth user experience. He has established a wide range of talents, including Ecommerce site creation, WordPress site building, and digital marketing and advertising, after working with clients ranging from tiny enterprises to multibillion-dollar corporations. He is a happily married father of three who enjoys golfing, drawing, and painting in his spare time.

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It’s a frequent misperception that one department – usually customer service or customer support – is solely responsible for a client’s satisfaction. Digital Splace believes that customer assistance should be as simple, painless, and quick as texting.


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