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Literally. Supermetrics picks up all the marketing data you need and brings it to your go-to reporting, analytics, or storage platform — whether that’s a BI tool, a spreadsheet, a data visualization tool, a data lake, or a data warehouse. See all the membership options.


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Become more informed and productive by adding more functions and features to your browsing experience.

Extensions help us social marketers do things faster, better while having more fun—from staying focused to staying organized. As a digital marketer, various tools, plugins, and extensions are available to help make your work easier. What exactly are extensions? Most of these extensions appear on the right side of the toolbar and allow users to improve their working experience. They are easy to use and can help minimize our work.

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Drag & Drop Website Builder & 90+ Pre-made Templates

Create better websites with mobile-responsive templates, seamless drag & drop, and unlimited customization. You can build a fully functional website in no time with any of the many intuitive drag-and-drop website builders available today. Even if you have no prior experience with building websites, dragging and dropping elements will be a breeze with a great end product.

"Digimarketing Bub has very strong experience in marketing for the pharmaceutical industry and perfectly understands the needs of our small start-up.

Monarch Inc.

"Digimarketing Bub takes a ‘channel-neutral’ approach to any marketing communications challenge, and in the ever-changing world of business-to-business communications, they’ve been a reliable partner in our success."

Extra Co.

"We are thoroughly impressed with Digimarketing Bub level of professionalism and would have no hesitation in recommending them a cost-effective agency for scientific marketing."



Competitive analysis is really the best reason to buy the software, it is complete and gives a good look to potential competitors. They are always adding and testing new features, which is fantastic and gives the software a good relationship.

We like to see how a site is performing organically, what new keywords the client is ranking for or why competitors perform better organically, and what opportunities are there for organic growth.”

We had always gotten others to do our page for us but Digital Splace made it so easy for us! Even with Covid, we were able to make changes on the fly to keep our page relevant and readable on laptops and other devices.


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